Past Exhibits

Bill Seay's "Subtractive Dialogues" in the Community Gallery

Subtractive Dialogues - Sculpting is a conversation between myself and the piece of wood with me removing material, exposing the unique forms contained in the wood while the wood speaks back, telling me when to stop, where to leave things as they are. In this dialogue, my part is to create a smooth-flowing transition between the interesting shapes within. Not knowing what I will find below the surface, I start out having only a vague idea of what the final product will be and am constantly entertained by the surprises I encounter along the way.

Artist Statement: Woodworking has been a life passion since being introduced to it in middle school shop class. Prior to 1997 I dabbled in furniture making, absorbing all I could through reading, talking to other artists, and studying existing pieces. In 1997 I immersed myself in the craft full time, working at a local shop, where I learned much of the business of custom woodworking and got the first taste of my true passion, carving and shaping wood.

In 2004 I opened a shop where I began designing and making furniture that was exhibited in craft shows, museums, and galleries throughout Pennsylvania. Over time, the style of furniture became increasingly sculpted, eventually leading to purely sculptural pieces. My most recent body of work includes free-flowing forms that accentuate the swirling grain and shapes provided by nature and sometimes hint of something living within."

Community Gallery - 2nd Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
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Aug 26
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Roxanne Naydan in the Sieg Gallery

Artist’s statement: Roxy’s paintings typically begin on location in the form of color notations and phrases that evoke the spirit, atmosphere, and light effects before her. These later serve as a basis for studio works. Processes grounded in classical training soon evolve into explorations of the poetic potential inherent in the subject matter. In seeing her subject matter - skies, waters, roads, forests, and fields, she visualizes their essence. These interpretations mirror her inner life and imagination and chart the flow of time.

Seeing and painting honestly and accurately has been important to Roxanne, but it is not her passion or primary goal. Rather, the process of editing the visual aspects of her subject matter and revealing their inherent secrets and narratives is what inspires her and seizes her imagination.

Bio: Roxanne Naydan holds a BA in art with a focus on painting and printmaking from Kean University, an MA in Art with a focus on painting from William Paterson University, and a teaching certificate in Art from Penn State University. Her paintings have appeared locally in individual, group, and juried shows in the State College area, where she worked as a guest art teacher, as well as in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Her graphic designs appear in Selected Poetry of Lina Kostenko: Wanderings of the Heart (Garland Publishers, 1990), which she illustrated.

Sieg Gallery - 1st Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
Aug 31
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Steve Getz in the Photography Gallery'

Steven L. Getz
Lycoming College, Bachelor of Arts degree

Current Professional Affiliations:
Partner in If-the Idea Factory
Past President and Current Board Member - Clinton County Arts Council / The Station Gallery
PA Wilds Artisan Trail - Advisory Board Member
Down Town Lock Haven Inc., Board Member
Clinton County Tourism Advisory Board Member
LH JAMS festival Director

Art Related Organizations:
he Clinton County Arts Council
Pa Wilds Juried Artisan
The Bald Eagle Art League Art Alliance of Central Pa
Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County

PA Wilds Artisan of the Year

BAM Photography Exhibit: 'Path of Exploration - Something Old, Something New' The overview of the exhibit is to display a wide range of different applications of my current photography and digital artwork. To me, they intermingle but are also separated into their own forms of art and expression. This exhibit includes the 3 major categories …. 1. Traditional photography 2. A combination of photography and digital painting 3. Total digital painting. I believe in exploring old and new techniques to achieve these very different end results. There is a sense of creative accomplishment when you can bridge these different applications to achieve a result in which viewers can appreciate the image but are also curious to know more about the process.
I view creativity as a way to explore our inner selves … to push our abilities to the limit. For me, pushing the limits is about grasping old and new techniques and finding ways to apply both of them to my craft.

Photography Gallery - 2nd Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
Aug 3
Aug 26