Past Exhibits

"Cuban Art, A Family Workshop"

Reception: September 4, 2016 from 1 to 4 pm

The Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County is proud to bring to Pennsylvania an exciting collection of art works created by an important family of artists from Cuba. The show is a collection of original prints and paintings from the studio of a Cuban family of artists who work in various roles in the studio and printshop. The original Maestro of this family has passed away but Carlos Rene Aguilera Tamayo is the main force in this show and guides his family who continue to create, paint and print. The family is dedicated to perpetuating the tradition of graphic art printing in Cuba. In addition to Cuba, the artist Aguilera family have shown works in New York, the Dominican Republic, and throughout Eastern and Western Europe and Latin America.

The art works are stylistically diverse reflecting both the social issues and the beauty of this colorful region of the world. Using a surrealistic style, the paintings are filled with action and excitement. The works are created around strong themes and stunning images, especially the reoccurring bear. Gorgeous shading gives the works depth and dimension.

The exhibition is a collection of works borrowed from the artists and from private art collections and curated into an art show by guest curator, Laurie Beasley. Beasley, who is based in Chicago, has been with us in the past and curated the very popular exhibition we mounted of Haitian Metal art works.

Cuba has long been recognized as a place of extraordinary artistic production and this show will be a first time for many visitors to experience the art of the island. We are especially pleased to announce that Carlos Rene Aguilera Tamayo from Cuba helped hang the show and was with us in early August for several interactive experiences with local artists and members of our community.

Beasley explains the importance of this collection with, "In the 1960's, Maestro Aguilera's original goal was to establish a print workshop for the city of Santiago, Cuba, to keep alive the graphic arts tradition in Cuba." This goal was realized and continues today!

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