Past Exhibits

Mary Beth Wiseman in the Sieg Gallery

Artist's Bio: Mary Beth Wiseman developed a deep rapport with the natural environment as a child growing up in the Indiana Dunes country of Lake Michigan. She spent many hours exploring the woods and wetlands with her father, determined to learn all she could about the plants and animals they encountered. Her early interest in art grew during classes at Prairie Club artist (and Save the Dunes activist), Hazel Hannell's cottage in the Dunes. Mary Beth's love of nature was channeled into recording her impressions via paint, woodblock print, and clay sculpture.

Mary Beth previously created papier mache sculptures of whimsical animals. She participated in juried art shows and exhibited in galleries across the East Coast, and taught classes in North Carolina and Central Pennsylvania.

She recently returned to art after a long hiatus, during which she attained degrees in Horticultural Science and Plant Pathology from Penn State and worked as a Plant Science specialist at her beloved Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Today, Mary Beth continues her explorations, hiking along Spring Creek near Bellefonte, capturing her observations with her camera. At home, she translates the photos into portraits by hand carving her subjects into rough wooden planks, using a variety of chisels, gouges, and planes. The bas-relief carvings are then painted with acrylics. This technique, inspired by local artist Mary Cady Rubenstein, produces a stunning dimensional effect in the final piece.

Mary Beth hopes that her works will foster a greater appreciation and awareness of the amazing creatures and environment that we all share.

Sieg Gallery - 1st Floor

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Jonathan Preston in the Tea Room Gallery

Tea Room Gallery - 1st Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
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Oct 29

Paulette and Tom Berner in the Gallery at Cool Beans

Cool Beans Coffee and Tea, located at 141 W High St, Bellefonte, PA 16823

Even before they married, Paulette and Tom Berner were compiling albums of their trip. At first, the albums were nothing out of the ordinary: snapshots behind clear plastic that adhered to the sticky back of the page. When Tom switched from film to digital, the albums started to evolve.

The biggest change occurred after Paulette bought her own digital camera to record images to paint later. Then the albums took on a new dimension and that’s when Pixels and Bristles® was not only born, but registered.

Following a practice run, the Berners published their first book, Chianti From a Tuscan Villa, based on a trip the Berners took with the Penn State Alumni Association. The book contained Tom’s photographs (pixels) and Paulette’s paintings (bristles). They have subsequently published books on trips to Cuba, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Wales, several Baltic countries and Iceland. Like the book on Chianti, Eye on Cuba was also done as a commercial work.

Paulette’s work covers a range of media. She paints with water color, acrylic, oil, and pastels. Then one day she started to paint on her iPad and it opened up a new medium for her. She has created more than 150 works on her iPad alone, including several for the last three Pixels and Bristles® books.

Although Tom has not ventured beyond using a camera to capture his images, he has changed the way he captures and processes them. He now shoots high dynamic range images most of the time, which allows for greater detail throughout the photograph. He also keeps a polarizing filter on his lens, and that makes the colors snap, especially the blues.

Sometimes Paulette and Tom work on individual projects. Tom has become well known as a barn photographer and has self-published two books titled Pennsylvania Barn Stories and Pennsylvania Quilt Barns. The latter book received a first place in competition sponsored by the National Federation of Press Women. He’s working on a photo project about churches in Centre County.

In the meantime, Paulette is making a quilt for each of their seven grandchildren.

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