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Virginia Belser in the Sieg Gallery

Artist Statement

In my paintings I try to capture the essence of the atmosphere… to tell the story of the prevailing mood of the place I’m painting. And, depending upon the conditions such as light, clouds, wind, time of year, and time of day, the same location can be painted many, many times with very different results.

In my work I see two main challenges:

The first is for me to figuratively step out of the way and let the painting emerge. I’ve found that when I approach a painting with a pre-conceived notion of what the final product will look like, all I get is frustrated. It’s as though the painting simply needs to be released and the process will occur much more naturally without my intellectual interference. I often find a few hours later that I’ve entered a zone, a mental space of true engagement when most outside awareness falls away.

The other challenge with painting landscapes is that of trying to describe a vast amount of space and depth in the confines of a relatively small two-dimensional space. This irony has engaged me since my college days. How is it possible for a very physically small amount of paint or pastel to convey to the viewer a sense of distance and space?

In my mind, a successful landscape painting effectively merges the description of space while simultaneously conveying the emotions and atmosphere of the location at that moment. I hope the viewers appreciate my attempts to negotiate this intersection.

Sieg Gallery - 1st Floor

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Jennifer Berghage & Sheena Sovich in the Jewelry Gallery

Jennifer Berghage Artist Statement: I've been doing complex beadwork for over ten years. My goal this year has been to learn several new things, such as how to string a bead loom and create patterned seed bead bracelets, which you see on exhibit here. Each bracelet takes about 16 - 20 hours and is made with the best quality materials available, such as sterling silver magnet slider clasps and FireLine, a non-biodegradable stringing material. I also work up the patterns behind my designs and sell them in my Etsy shop, Dreamkeeper Creations, so that other beaders can make their own copies. I strive for excellence in all my designs.

Another goal I've worked on this year is to learn how to do a stitch called Russian Spiral. Using this stitch, I create smooth seed bead bangles that roll right over the hand and sit on the wrist with no pesky clasps to interrupt their sparkle. These bangles are great to stack together. Each takes about 6 hours to make, using beautiful seed beads and FireLine. I also enjoy making Russian Spiral necklaces, and my goal with these has been to create a beaded clasp that flows smoothly with the design and is easy to manage. Depending on how long they are, these necklaces take about 24 hours to make. They look wonderful under the collar of a blouse or with a scoop neck dress or shirt.

For fun, I've spent some time making long, sea glass and seed bead fringe earrings. These work up fairly quickly, and I knew I liked them when I popped the first one onto my ear and pranced around the house showing it off to my husband even before I got the other one finished. My goal with these earrings has been to create something with a bit of sparkle and movement, but not necessarily "Native American style."

I love to create bead items that aren't necessarily for adornment of the body, and some of my most popular sellers are the beaded feathers used for saging/smudging ceremonies. My sets come with a shiny abalone shell, three bundles of sage, and a special feather purchased from the artist Robert Wills, who hand-painted all the feathers used in the movie, Dances with Wolves.

I do a lot of work on commission, customizing colors, lengths, sizes, and choosing just the right gemstone or fairy tale cabochon to bring my clients' dreams into wearable forms of art, whimsy, and beauty. If you'd like a special piece made, give me a call at 814-753-0738 or drop me a line at dreamkeepercreations@gmail.com.

Thank you for letting me share my joy with you!

Sheena Sovich Artist Statement: Sheena has been designing jewelry since 2002 and in 2003, she began her jewelry business Greyt Bedazzlies by Sheena. It has been a whirlwind for her as she started out beading and has evolved to wire work which she loves. She puts a lot of thought and a little of her own "inner soul" into each piece. Each gemstone has it's own natural beauty and her challenge is to enhance that beauty through her own creative designing ability. She also enjoys working with an array of gemstones, pearls, crystals along with different types of wire/metal including sterling silver, 14K gold filled, copper, aluminum and gold/silver plated.

She uses an array of mediums to meet her clients needs.

She finds her inspiration from the beauty that surrounds all of us. Her designs are original and one-of-a-kind. Rather than fight her "scattered brain", she has decided to go with it which makes it easy for her to design unique one-of-a-kind jewelry which can be worn for either business or casual wear. She wants her clients to feel beautiful and special when wearing one of her designs.

She keeps her prices affordable so that everyone can enjoy their exclusive piece/s of jewelry.

Sheena is a member of the Art Alliance of Central PA and Bellefonte Art Museum. She also serves on the Steering Committee for

the Gallery Shop in Lemont.

Jewelry Gallery - 2nd Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
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Robert Johnson & Cinda Kostyak in the Tea Room Gallery

Robert A. Johnson, Artist
Bob Johnson is a graduate of Aero Space Engineering and Naval Architecture.
He has been intrigued by watercolors and the artists that paint them from an early
age and took his first watercolor course in 1986 after returning to Penn State as a
Program Manager at the Applied Research Lab. His return to State College provided
opportunities to attend artist’s retreats at Hameau Farm in Reedsville in the 90s
where he met James Farrah who inspired Bob in his pursuit of the watercolor
medium. However, travel and work commitments left Bob with little time to pursue
his art.
Upon his retirement from the University in 2002, Bob began dedicating more
time to painting, taking Ollie courses under the leadership of Jim Cartey and
increasing his interest in that medium. A few years ago, national watercolorist and
instructor, Jim Farrah moved from his home in Arizona and returned to Central
Pennsylvania. Since that time, Jim has become Bob’s teacher and mentor, as well as a
good friend. Bob has been pleased with his continuous improvement while working
with Jim.
Sixteen years in Ship Design with the U.S. Navy and his interest in all things
nautical are often reflected in Bob’s paintings of ships, boats, and seascapes. Bob’s
mission work with his wife Bonnie (travelling to Nicaragua 11 times over a 13 year
period) resulted in a love for the country and its people that also appear in Bob’s
Bob is a member of the Artist Registry at the Bellefonte Art Museum and
continually strives to become more proficient in his watercolor painting

Cinda Kostyak Biography: I am a Penn State alumna with a B. A. in Art (oil painting focus), B. S. in Art Education, and a Masters in Counselor Education. I retired from Penn State University after 24 years and now enjoy a retirement filled with painting, travel, and grandchildren. I particularly enjoy following the fisherman in my life and painting en plein air be it along the bank of a trout stream, standing on a dock on a Canadian lake, or painting in a motor boat or kayak.

I am a member of the Bellefonte Art Museum, State College Art Alliance and Downtown Gallery, Carlisle Artist Learning Center, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, and the Farmland Preservation Artists. My media of choice include oil, pastel, and watercolor.

Tea Room Gallery - 1st Floor

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:30 pm OR By Appointment
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