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"Saddle Up: Art and Artifacts of the Old West"

Capture the spirit of the historic “American West” with paintings, photography and artifacts. This is the story of the western expansion primarily during the second half of the 19th century. It's the history of the pioneers moving across the Native American lands, opening new frontiers and causing devastating changes to native life. It is also the stories cowboys: of true grit versus the romantic myth of the American Cowboy. The exhibition is a chance to step back in history, feeling life on the range and the explorations of the frontier.

Landscape paintings and photographs document the beauty of the native lands including dramatic scenes of majestic mountains and stark deserts. Artifacts serve to give a glimpse of trail life with saddles, blankets, and spurs. There are even some scenes from classic western movies like The Magnificent Seven and Tombstone.

Let the visuals be your story teller. The historic west became the home to many people with a variety of customs, beliefs and ways of living. Even though exploring new lands and setting trails for future travelers is a thing of the past, the westward expansion has given way to a timeless legacy of adventure, exploration and true grit.

Programming to accompany the exhibition includes music, storytelling, poetry:
Richard Sleigh will play guitar and sing on August 6th and Rowen Casey from Nashville will play the Fiddle on September 10th.

Windows Gallery - 1st Floor

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Aug 4
Sep 24

Thomas Seay's "Fragmentation of Thought" in the Community Gallery

Biography: Lives in Danville, PA
Thomas is originally from the Spring Mills, PA area and attended Edinboro University of PA, where he received a Bachelor's of Science in Art Education and Graphic Design. Upon graduation in 2005, he moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area where he taught art in the public school system for seven years. During this time, he initiated and coordinated a complex student mural project depicting the beauty of the state of North Carolina by illustrating the expanse between the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern border to the Smokey Mountains on the western in ceramic tiles. Thomas continued to expand his skill and body of work through painting courses and exhibits in Charlotte, NC while working as an educator.
Thomas completed his MFA in general studios with a concentration in painting and sculpture at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina in May 2016. During his graduate program, Mr. Seay spent two years working as the graphic designer for the Department of Fine Arts, creating websites, social media updates, posters, and videos promoting the department and its events. During the final year of his program he managed the metal shop, assisting students with projects and ensuring organization and safety in the work environment. Throughout his graduate program, Thomas served as an artist assistant to well known Charlotte, NC sculptor Shaun Cassidy. This work involved grinding, polishing, transporting, and installing pieces of art. He also created digital images of original drawings by Cassidy that were sent for large-scale laser cutting on steel and glass etching pieces for the new Light Rail in Charlotte, NC. Seay was a teaching assistant for drawing I and painting I courses in the fall and spring semesters of the 2015-2016 school year at Winthrop University. Thomas has joined the Danville Arts Council in Danville, PA, where he presently resides.
In the fall of 2016, Thomas received a grant from the Pennsylvania Partners of the Arts to help fund his mural project. The project consists of murals on three alleyways in downtown Danville to help brighten or beautify the town, create tourism, and promote Danville as a destination for artists to live and create their work.
Thomas also completed an artist residency at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA this summer.

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Sep 1
Sep 24

Lisa Engstrom-Baumgartner in the Photography Gallery

Lisa Engstrom-Baumgartner Artist Statement: My interest in bookbinding began in the fall of 2012, after taking a 1-day workshop in bookbinding, on a beautiful farm in central Pennsylvania. I was amazed at the precise and magical process of turning paper, thread, book board and glue into a lovely and sturdy little book. I was immediately, and completely hooked. I continued to explore on my own, through much trial and error, the craft of book construction.

Six months later, we moved from Pennsylvania to Cambridge, England. It was there that I had the opportunity to take classes, and then work (open studio) at a traditional bindery – Brignell Bookbinders. While still in England I took more courses— some in book binding and others in box making.

Moving back to Pennsylvania, I set up my own small-scale book bindery. In my workspace, I have gathered together many of the tools and materials of the book binding trade: book presses, marbled papers from the UK and Turkey, origami papers from Japan, decorative papers from India and Thailand… book cloth from Italy… waxed linen threads in a rainbow of colors…leather from Scotland and the U.S.

The binding methods I use combine traditional construction techniques, with modern adaptations. It is a rewarding fusion of the old and new— but always with an eye to a well crafted, and visually pleasing book.

The joy of ‘designer’ (art) book binding is that one has a rich historical and traditional past from which to learn and draw, while having the freedom to move forward into exciting new areas of discovery.

Photography Gallery - 2nd Floor

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Sep 1
Sep 24