Bellefonte ART Museum for Families of Centre County
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Linn House (Bellefonte Museum) by Olga Hooley


Bellefonte Museum Volunteer Docents



Lois Beckenbaugh

Catherine Brown

Judy and Dick Catherman

Denise Corkill

Molly Fisher

Beth Fornicola

Holly Fritchman

Dona Goldman

Karen Grine

Mike Gruendler

Mary Ellen Hill

Dottie Herr

Olga Hooley

Susan Hoover

Pat House

Sandy Johnston

Richard and Joanne King

Louise Knepper

Connie Levine

Louise Mason

Roxanne Naydan

Peggy Phelps

Millie Ragosta

Tim and Sally Roberts

Gloria Rogers

Dottie Sherry

Peggy Sloves

Sarah Smelzer

Pat Stoker

Nancy Stover

Robert Vierck

Mary Volero

Pam Von Flotrow

Carol Watson

Denice Welles

Harry Welles


Location: 133 N. Allegheny Street
Hours: 1 - 4:30p.m., Thursday through Sunday

Mail address: P.O. Box 125
Bellefonte, PA 16823


Revised August 4, 2011